Send a Fax From Gmail For Free

Send a Fax From Gmail For Free

If you want to send a fax from Gmail,But you don't know  how  to send a fax from Gmail for a better way.  If you find a better way to send fax from Gmail , if yes ,then you come on the right page,  where you will get a complete guide on how to send a fax from Gmail.If it is not send a fax from Gmail use your mobile. then we describe   how to send a fax from Gmail.So Firstly you  read on this post completely.If any person asking you, can you fax from gmail.? then you don't be afraid 
and  if you read the post be carefully. and then you can give the answer of the question .
If you want to send a fax from mobile, then you need  eFax mobile app in mobile firstly,
sign fax and even add the notes fax right on your mobile . You also send a fax document as a PDF from your smartphone or tablefax number manually or simply selected  from your contact list. Send a fax also using software on your computer and laptop.
Send Fax Using Gmail

How to Send a Fax From Gmail 

There are a lots of way in which you  send a fax from Gmail without face any problem.
use the third-party tools. some don’t require anything.
And Follow the more step

1.Using Wisefax send a Fax from Gmail

Firstly you use google chrome and Log in google account. then you installed  the WiseFax Chrome Extension and send a fax from Gmail.  
  1. Click here to open the Wisefax Chrome Extension Page.
  2. Clicked  the “Add to Chrome” button at the top of your screen.
  3. Then you added to the screen.
  4.  confirm the Add and use the extension.
  5. Clicked  the Wisefax icon  you found at the upper-right corner of your screen.
  6.  “Click here to Select the Document” button and select a document whatever you send
  7. Firstly  you selected the document, then click on the Open button.
  8. Enter the number of  Fax machine and clicked Continue.
  9. Sign in Google  after that select the Gmail account who  you want to use  transfered the fax.

Once you sign in, after that clicked  the “Buy a required number of Fax tokens” button
Add some money use  Debit card or Credit card.
you enter the amount, then click on the “Pay” button to add money successful.
the money is added, the Fax transferred to the Fax number who you have entered earlier.

2.  Fax send  From Gmail Using Fax Service

In this post ,we use online fax service.If you not register of online fax service. Then firstly create account,and then log in
  • Open your Gmail account in  browser
  • Clicked the Compose button and after that enter the fax number and then service extension. For instance:
  • Enter the subject and then upload and fax document used the paperclip.
  •  Atlast ,if done,then clicked the send button.

Gmail Fax Number Advantages

  • Fastest communications
  • Make any communications much should  secure
  • Firstly send and recive fax from Gmail
  • Fax from any windows,iOs,Android
  • Work with google drive, with Gmail
  • Save money

 Additional Features of Gmail Fax

when you fax through Gmail, you use all features and  make fax.
Mobile Faxing: Allows you to send or receive fax ! It is compatible with iOS devices,windows and Android Device.
Cloud Storage: You send fax using cloud based services
Fax Scheduling:Set up a time and a date ,what you want automatically have your fax delivered,
Firstly received, then you receive a confirmation message.if receive an error message, with the detailed information (Very rare occasions).


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