How to Open Any Block Site In Your Computer or Laptop

How to Open Any Block Site In Your Computer or Laptop:- Hello guys Today I am going to share a cool trick that is how you can access any blocked site in your computer or laptop. You all have faced this problem in your college or your school when you try to open youtube or some other site in your college or your school it shows you the message you can't access this site. These are ban by the university and school. You have tried some methods but you didn't success about it. But today I will tell you some method through which you will be able to access any site.

Why Universities and School block some sites And how they block?

One question that will come to every student life why they block and how they block sites. Everyone knew that if we get what was the problem then we can find the solution very easily. So if we talk about why they block sites then universities and school think that we will misuse their internet for our personal purpose this could be one reason of blocking the site. And if we talk about how they block a site then they have the access router connection where you can block any site from your given static IP. I knew that you have not understood what I am trying to say that. Actually, internet service provider company provide their client to static IP and on that if they make their sub IP address that is used on different computer or laptops. So they block all unnecessarily used site on these IP's but if you try some other IP's then you can open these site easily because I told you that internet service provider provides static IP so you can easily change to by using some good VPN software. So today I will one best VPN software that will help you to access any site.

How to Open Any Block Site In Your Computer or Laptop

To open any site in computer and laptop you must have to follow these rule you will definitely get success to access any site in your college or school. 


1. First of all, you should have google chrome in your computer or laptop if you don't have then go to google and download google chrome software.

2. After download install it will take some time to install software.

3. After that you have to go extension manager where you will see developer option you have to enable this option

4. Now type in google browsec vpn for google chrome you will find browsec vpn you have to install this vpn in you browser. 

5. After download and after install you have to open this vpn and set it to united state 

6.If it won't connect you can try other country which has good range.

7. Now you are connected to vpn now you are able to access any site. 

That's it Guy it was all about how you can access any kind of block site in your college or school. I hope this article will help you to get access everywhere in your college or school . I inform this is only for education purpose don't use this for illegal purpose. If you face any problem related to acees of website you can comment us we will try to help you. So keep visit our site for latest updates. We post latest tricks related to computer. 

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