How To Become a web Developer

How To Become a web Developer:- Hello friends today i am going to tell you step and right direction to become a web developer. We will talk about everything that you need to become a web developer. We all know that we need a perfect guidance to learn anything to become a success in any kind of industry. So if you have started your career in web development and you don't know that where should you start first then you are at right place to start your journey from here you will get a lot of information from this place. We will cover every topic about who are a web developer, what they do , what kind of language they know and what are their salary.

Who are Web Developer

How To Become a web Developer
How To Become a web Developer

A web developer is a guy who takes responsibility to develop a website and web application and web portals. They have knowledge of different programming languages like PHP, javascript, HTML, and CSS. Web developer plays important role in the industrial area. They have different role according to the company criteria. Some Developer are good at Designing part then company assign them designing part,some developer are good at coding part then company assign them coding or backend part. Some are good ate database part so the company gives them the task of the database to him. So we can say that there are 3 type of role for a web developer. And these roles are 

1.FrontEnd Developer
2.Backend Developer
3.Database Administrator

Now you have to choose which option you want to choose as your career. If you want to become a front-end developer then you have to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. If you are looking to become a backend developer then you have to learn php, node.js that is a framework of javascript.And if you think you should learn database then you have to focus on PHP MySQL, MongoDB, and some other database programming language. If we talk about the salaries of web developers then in starting they get 15-20k per month after it is increased it could be up to 5-700k per year.

How to Start And Where to Start 

So Above we have seen who are a web developer. Now you have to decide what you want to become as a web developer. In this section, we will talk about front-end developer. How can you become a front-end web developer? So to become a Front-end web developer you have to learn front-end programming language. You have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript. Let cover some brief detail of these languages.

  • HTML:-Html stands for hypertext markup language. if you want to become a web developer then this is your first stair to become a web developer and learn development. You are starting your career as a web developer then you have to learn HTML first. Html is generally used for designing part of the website or web applications. In these days the latest version of HTML is used that is html5. 
  • CSS:-CSS stands for cascading stylesheet. This is like you are ugly and you want to become beautiful for that you go to the beauty parlor. Same thing with the css. You write html code in your programming this looks very ugly when you see the output. But when you use css in it, It becomes beautiful. So Css is generally used for Designing the website and web applications.
  • Javascript:-Well After markup and designing part now it's time to write some logical code in our website or our web application. So for that, we use javascript. It is hot and very trending topic these days. If you are starting your career and you don't know any programming language then you should be learning javascript first and make it your first programming language. Some people say javascript is related to the java but it is not. It is a totally different programming language as compared to java. Javascript is used for front-end development and java is used for backend development. In starting days javascript were used for front-end development but now it is also used in backend development. There are a lot of frameworks that are used for backend development. 
Now if you are looking to become backend developer then you have to learn backend programming language. There is various kind of programming language that you need to learn to become a web developer or a backend developer. You have to learn PHP, Javascript, RubyonRails, Python. 

In the upcoming article, we will see What kind of programming language you should have to learn to Become a Backend developer. I hope this article will clear you mind to become a web developer and how should you start your learning path to become a web developer. If you like this article then please share it with your friends and let him decide to chose his career as a web developer. It will clear his and your mind to become a web developer.

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